kanro's champon Nagasaki Guide
Which restaurant
should I select to eat
Champon ?


Champon is one of the most famous dish in Nagasaki !

All tourists come to Nagasaki will think "I must eat Champon!"

So, Which restaurant do you select?

Which restaurant is excellent?

.... I think this issue.


 Ringer Hut

One day, when I was taking a walk, a tourist asked me

"Do you know restaurant where you can eat delicious Champon?"

I answered,

"Ringer Hut."

If you listen that, you probably think,

"Mmmmmm, why do you recommend such a chain restaurant?"

However, when I met the tourist, the time is over 9:30 pm.

Because most of restaurants close at 8:00 pm, there are no choice.

Chain restaurant is no problem!

Champon cooked by Ringer Hat is excellent quality and cheap !

When I lived in Tokyo, I ate Champon in Ringer Hat only one time,

But I moved to Nagasaki, I often go to Ringer Hat.

If you ask me "Taste is different ?"

I say,

"I don't know, but in Nagasaki, Ringer Hat is very popular."

At lunch, many customers visit to Ringer Hat.

Nagasaki local people eat Champon for lunch,

as Kanto people like to eat Soba or Udon.

Ringer Hat succeeded originated from Nagasaki.

Where is Ringer Hat in Nagasaki city?

It is not necessary to worry about.

There are many Ringer Hat in Nagasaki, so you can find easily.

Ringer Hut at Obama


  What is Campon?

What is Champon?

Champon is Chinese-style noodle dish

 that was first cooked for Chinese students in Nagasaki

 by the founder of the Chinese restaurant Shikairo

 in the late 19th century.

Champon is easy to cook, so Nagasaki people usually eat at home.

we can buy the Champon soup and noodle at super market in nagasaki.

I tried to cook Champon too.

It is not difficult but very delicious.

In the end, you are not necessary to worry about

"Which restaurant is best to eat Champon?"

Every Chinese restaurant is good to eat Champon.

But there are some famous restaurant, I show you.


  Houraiken Bekkan

Kyudo (Japanese archery) master, hanshi, 10th dan,

is living in Nagasaki.

In Japanese traditional martial arts,

10th dan is the highest level and there are few living masters.

The 10th dan master often eats champon in Houraiken Bekkan.

Thus, I went to this restaurant.

Houraiken Bekkan is one of the traditional Chinese restaurants.

In the lunch time Houraiken bekkan is full.

Of course, the taste of dishes are very good!

Peace park and Atmic Bomb Musium are near from Houraiken Bekkan.

Houraiken Bekkan located on the slope.

I received E-mail, and I went to eat 'Torisaraudon' it is delicious.

I loved Houraiken Bekkan, too.
Have you ever tried to eat 'Tori sara udon(Chiken noodle)' ?
It is the best one, I recommended.
You should try to eat it next time !



Kirakuen is popular for local people.

It is difficult to eat at lunch time

 because there are many customers form long line.

The restaurant is small

 and you have to wait long time to eat Champon

 thus I don't recommend to tourists.

Of couse, the Champon is delicious, but it is not special.

But in the other hand, it is a basic Nagasaki Champon.

Kirakuen is located near China Town,

at the front of the JAL City Hotel.

Kirakuen, common appearance.



Keikaen waitresses wear China dress.

Lunchtime menu is very delicious, and the Champon is also good.

(But I thought the lunchtime menu is more delicious

than Champon, honestly.)

Keikaen is located along the Nakashimagawa river,

near the Spectacles Bridge (Meganebashi).

Keikaen appears luxuous appearance along the Nakashimagawa river.


  (near the Glover park)

Champon is originated from this restaurant.

This restaurant is located near the Oura Temple and Glover Garden.

Since it is a sightseeing spot,

there are many tourtists visit this restaurant at lunchtime.

On holiday, it is hard to eat Champon because it is full of seats.

Whenever I went to this restaurant,

there is the signboard "no vacancy".

The building of Shikairou which rises up.

The second floor of Shikairou there is "Champon Museum"

where you can understand the history of Champon.

According to it, "Saraudon" was also originated from Shikairo

and cooked a variation of the Campon.

Firstly, Saraudon was cooked with less soup

and the soup was all infiltrated into noodle.

Champon Museum. No charge for admission.

A meal is served at the view restaurant of the 5th floor.

You can see a whole view of the Nagasaki port.

The taste of the soup is rather thick than other Chinese restaurants,

I favored it.

Saraudon is completely different from other Chinese restaurant.

Usually, it is with crisp noodles and topping in a thick souse,

but Saraudon in Shikairou is noodle infiltrated Champon soup.

I think the Champon and Saraudon are delicious,

but Nagasaki people are not favored Shikairou's taste.

(It may be because of the Champon and Saraudon of Shikairou

is more expensive than other Chinese restaurants.)

But I probably recommend tourists to eat Champon in Shikairou.

This is the originator! The Champon of Shikairou.


  Kouzanrou (China town)

It is famous restaurant in China town.

I ordered Chinese course menu (4000yen per one person).

It was very delicious.

In the course menu is included Champon and Tompourou (stewed pork),

it is characteristic.

For tourists, such course menu is good

for tasting Nagasaki local Chinese-style cuisine.

The special dish of this restaurant is

"One-chan Ball (sesame dumpling) "

which is as large as the ball of baseball.

the gorgeous entrance of Kouzanrou.


  (Spectacles Bridge)


It is located near the Glass Bridge, which is small restaurant.

This restaurant seems to be popular to Nagasaki people.

Recently, redevelopnment was conducted in the Glass Bridge area.

This restaurant was moved and rebuild.

The basic Champon can be tasted.

Kyourakuen which rebuilded recently.


  Kanro (Shianbashi)

A Japanese well-known copy writer Shigesato Itoi said

"I ate Champon in Kanro, and I was moved."

in his web site.

Champon is simple and light taste

with much vegetables and sea foods,

there are many fans.

Kanro, in one corner of the Shianbashi where is crowded with small bars.

Near the Kanro, there are crowded with the bars.

I feel unique mood such like a movie "Blade Runner".

This restaurant is open at 0:00.


  (Nagasaki airport)

I favored the Champon of Botan which is located in Nagasaki airport.

When I have free time at the airport,

ofen eat Saraudon in this restaurant.

I recommend it.


  Mr. Etchuu say....

By the way,

Mr. Etchu ,who is well acquainted with Nagasaki

and very famous person in Nagasaki, said about Champon that

"It is same to eat in any restaurant. It is not delicious!"

Are you okey to say such comments, Mr. Etchuu !?